Ante Meridiem offers refurbished computers and notebooks at a great value with 2 year warranty. sells car tyres at a great price.

AUPARK MANUAL OF CHANGE / Communication & Design Concept<p>Kempinski High Tatras / Communication & Design Concept</p>
<p> </p>Red Monkey Group / Coca cola, Corporate merger -, Design, Project Development, Online marketingAmrop Hever Slovakia / Brochure Design, Illustration<em>Äena roka</em> 2007 / Event Production<p>Jenewein Golf Classic 2008 / Design, Illustration</p>Jenewein Group, Corporate IdentiyFerrari Spirit, Corporate Identiy
Ferrari Spirit, Corporate IdentiyStarocesko, Beer, Label design
12 Season, Early Design Concept


"Our big problem is degenerated taste and nonexistence of wider awereness of how a GOOD graphic design should look like. In an absurd sequence to this state almost everyone possesses rights --to express and rate graphic design by his opinion. Despite such a pressure we must strive our best so when the next generations look at our creations they won't be laughing at us..." [Robert V. Novák]

Quality and Creativity are the most important priorities in our company.

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Rudolf Hausleitner

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